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Language Service Planning and Consultation
Service description
Communication capacity is an important criterion for evaluation of a company in cross-cultural and multi-lingual communications. Accuracy and efficiency in using the target language is the basic requirement for companies when communicating with their clients. The overall planning of language services at a higher standard is critical to ensure quality.
Our services include
•Help building or optimizing internal language service management departments, specifying their responsibilities, management system and process
•Investigating and analyzing your internal and external demand for language services
•Predicating future demand based on investigation and analysis results, and deciding on the short-term and long-term language service plans
•Formulating and reviewing language service budgets
•Determining the standard for language services
•Helping to build up management platforms and tools for internal language service planning and management
•Choosing translators, language volunteers or the supplier database according to clients' needs and level
•Establishing a good quality control and evaluation system"
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