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Company Profile

YT Media Co., Ltd. with 20 years of industry experience, was co-founded by senior experts in various sectors. It is mainly engaged in the introduction, distribution, translation and localization of foreign books, supplemented with rich value-added services, including, but not limited to, design, printing, marketing, media support, dubbing, and video production, in a bid to deliver quality products and integrated services to customers. To date, the company has served more than 500 large and medium-sized customers, and enjoyed powerful resources and technical support in the fields of finance and economics, culture and publication, IT, entertainment, automobile mechanics, international engineering, e-commerce, mobile phone and sports.
YT Media, with rich experience in translation project management and great capacity in resources allocation, has been dedicated to providing quality and efficient language services to customers. It furnishes more than 100 million words translation services annually to large enterprise clients. It has established a complete terminology library and translation memory library covering many industry fields, and adopted customized project management system to offer professional, accurate, comprehensive and effective support for the translation work.
YT Media is also engaged in book copyright trading, importing and exporting excellent book copyright. It has a professional, highly experienced copyright and publishing team to carry out copyright cooperation worldwide, and can provide one-stop publishing services in the Greater China region.
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